Naked Santa Worst Office Holiday Party Idea Ever


Our small staff here at is spread out all over the country (and in one case lives on the other side of world). So we don’t do holiday parties. There are a lot of perks that with this set up, but I’m a little jealous of those of you that get to celebrate the holidays with your coworkers.  So, I want to personally thank CBS for posting this roundup of the worst office holiday parties ever. Schadenfreude feels so much better than envy! They are all hilarious, but this anecdote is by far my favorite:

The Naked Santa Surprise

“I worked at a great advertising agency in Rochester, New York called Rumrill-Hoyt. On good years we had extravagant holiday parties [but] the very best party came during a lean year. A down-trodden looking Santa was working the crowd, handing out drink chits. ‘Alvin and the Three Chipmunks,’ supplied by a clueless DJ, were discouraging the dancers. Without warning, the Santa, resplendent with handmade tattoos, stripped to a dirty jock strap, leapt onto a table and began bumping and grinding to the tunes coming out of a tiny tape recorder near his feet. [We] were slack-jawed and the room fell silent. The morning after the Santa show, [my boss] called all of the usual suspects into his office. None confessed to the crime of tastelessness. Turns out some newly hired, low-level assistant got stuck with planning the not very grand party, and when the party house manager offered to throw in a “naked Santa” for $50, it seemed like a good idea. Friends and I still talk about the naked Santa. A truly genuine surprise [is] the best gift of all.”

Moral of the story: pick your party planner wisely! Most of the other holiday party stories featured probably started like this:

Got a funny office holiday party story, booze-fueled or otherwise? Share it in the comments!

Source: Office holiday parties gone wild: Crazy true stories

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