Office Ink Weekly Roundup: Angry Birds, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and more.

See the cute computer cartoon
The Computer Dilemma via Dvorak Uncensored.

Working hard, or hardly working? No matter how much (or little) you got accomplished this week, I know you’re glad it’s Friday. Hope you had a great week. Here’s a roundup of everything we’ve been talking about on the blog and around the web:

– Check out our list of the best and worst breast cancer organizations.

– Advent Hospital reminds you to get a mammogram with a cute dance video.

– The Tokyo Times posts a series of eerie photos of an Japanese school abandoned in 1974.

– Lifehacker shows you how to stop Facebook from following you around the internet.

– Science proves that the only thing standing between you and mental instability is a nice cup of coffee.

– The robots are out for your job.

– Can’t get enough of those Angry Birds? There’s an amusement park in China just for you.

– Collecting Box Top Coupons for your kid’s school? Watch this webinar and learn how to become a lean, mean fundraising machine.

– The Wall Street Journal on the importance of a supportive office chair.

– Don’t forget to enter the Pink Ribbon Merchandise Giveaway. You get a chance to win some cool office supplies, and donates to Living Beyond Breast Cancer for every valid contest entry.

Have a great weekend!

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