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Is Halloween a great holiday or the BEST holiday? When else does a grownup get to pig out on candy like a little kid? Plus, there’s the fun of Halloween costumes and office parties. Office Ink has quick and easy Halloween costume and party ideas. Get great tips on what to costume to wear and what to bring to the office Halloween party!

What to wear to the office Halloween party.

Let’s just get what not to wear out of the way first. This should probably go without saying, but ladies: do not show up at the office Halloween party dressed up as the sexy version of anything. Gentlemen: do not come to the office in your boxers and a bathrobe and call yourself  The Dude. The best Halloween costumes for the workplace are modest and comfortable enough to actually work in. Use the opportunity to showcase some wit. I saw a great quick and easy Halloween costume idea on the On Time Supplies Twitter feed: tape or glue office supplies to a white tshirt and be a human magnet. And remember, slapping a “Hello my name is” name tag on a homemade Halloween costume is always helpful and always amusing.

Printable Stephen Colbert Halloween MaskPrintable Halloween masks are another quick and easy Halloween costume solution. Forbes Magazine has a huge collection of printable masks of celebrities and politicians. A word to the wise from Office Ink: stick to the celebrities and stay away from the political figures. The last thing you want to do is start an argument about politics with your coworkers – or even worse, your boss. You probably don’t want put on the Roman Polanski mask either. Keep it fun and controversy free with the Kanye West, Stephen Colbert, Marilyn Monroe and other celebrity Halloween masks.

Of course, it’s not really a Halloween party if there isn’t a monster or two in the mix. Be that party monster and download a Dracula or Frankenstein Halloween mask at FrankenPaper. These printable masks look more impressive than those at Forbes, but all you need to put them together are scissors and glue.

What to bring to the office Halloween party

Halloween Punch with Ice HandNow that you’ve got some Halloween costume ideas, you can focus on what to bring to the office party. Halloween candy is always a great way to go. Or try this awesomely macabre Halloween punch recipe we found at Drink of the Week. What is more Halloween than a disembodied hand of ice floating in a pool of blood red punch? We reworked the recipe a bit to get rid of the alcohol. Unless you’re one of the Mad Men of Sterling Cooper, you don’t want to bring booze to the office Halloween Party.

How to make the ice hand
What you need:

  1. Powder free latex gloves
  2. Antibacterial soap
  3. Strawberry or cherry syrup (optional)

Wash your hands, then snap on the latex gloves and wash them again. Turn the gloves inside out and put them back on. Wash your hands again. Now that everything is nice and germ free, fill the gloves with water, tie a knot in them to close and throw them in the freezer. You only need one of the frozen hands for your punch, but it’s always good to have a spare. Once your hands are frozen hard they’re ready for your punch. Drizzle syrup between the fingers for an extra gory effect.

How to make the Halloween punch
What you need

  1. One part red fruit punch or fruit juice
  2. Two parts clear lemon lime soda
  3. Red food coloring
  4. Marshmallows (optional)

Mix your fruit punch and soda together, then add red food coloring a few drops at a time until you get a nice blood red. Toss in the marshmallows for an extra gory effect. The acid in the soda and juice will break the marshmallows down until they look like blobs of human tissue. Once it’s time to get the office party started, drop the ice hand into the punch and viola! You made the star of the food table!

Here’s to you being the star of the office Halloween party! If you’ve got great office party recipes and Halloween costume ideas, Office Ink wants to hear them! Leave a comment and let us know what you think makes a great Halloween costume or party!

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  • Taylor Landis says:

    I loved this post! I really enjoy pieces like this and seeing what creative and unique ideas others have come up with. I recently published a similar post, "<a href="https://www.skutchi.com/blog/10-of-the-best-most-creative-and-hilarious-office-halloween-party-costume-ideas.html">10 of the Best, Most Creative, and Hilarious Office Halloween Party Costume Ideas</a>." It includes a few additional ideas that your post may have lacked. It might help someone find their idea costume this year! I hope you find time to check it out.

  • Martha Willardson says:

    Great Ideas, Specially Ice Hand recipe was excellent..I am surely gonna try out this recipe.

    Thanks and Happy Halloween!


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