Pink Ribbon Giveaway makes the Wall Street Journal!

On Time Supplies is doing good and getting noticed! The Pink Ribbon Giveaway, our Breast Cancer Awareness Month charity drive and giveaway is featured in the Wall Street Journal:

OnTimeSupplies LLC, an online office-supply retailer, launched an initiative earlier this month in which it promises to donate 25 cents to a breast-cancer charity every time someone posts an update on Facebook or Twitter mentioning it. “We’ve always depended a lot on word of mouth… whether it’s people trading stories in the cafeteria or on Facebook,” says Miles Young, chief executive and co-founder of the Atlanta firm.

Enter the Pink Ribbon Giveaway to  get a chance to win free pink ribbon office supplies and you’ll raise money for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a fantastic national education and support organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of women diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ll announce the Pink Ribbon Giveaway winner next Friday, October 29 right here at Office Ink! Good luck and thanks for helping us raise money for LBBC!

2 comments on “Pink Ribbon Giveaway makes the Wall Street Journal!

  • I want to win free Pink Ribbon Products & celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month with On Time Supplies!

  • Hey Caitlin, I see that you found the Office Ink post where we’re taking Pink Ribbon Giveaway entries – this was not it! Thanks for reading and good luck!


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