Smart Office Now Office Ink

Smart Office is now Office Ink. We’ve also given the blog a new look. So what’s up with the overhaul? I think I should answer those question with Office Ink’s first listicle!

Top 5 Reasons we gave the On Time Supplies office supplies blog a makeover and renamed it Office Ink:

  1. We love puns! Office Ink / Office Inc. Geddit?
  2. Office Ink reflects our focus on everyday work and office life. We’ll continue to post expert advice on going green and organizing your office, trends and tips in office design, discounts from On Time Supplies and chances to win free office supplies.
  3. We wanted to make it easier to find On Time Supplies on Twitter and Facebook and to subscribe to the office supplies blog. Get a load of the big shiny buttons on your right!
  4. We wanted to make it easier to find blog posts on the the topics that interest you the most. So, if you loved the post with the $50 Dymo coupon, you’ll find new links to other free and discount office supplies.
  5. Everyone needs a new fall look!

Let us know what you think of the changes to the blog – what you dig and what you don’t! Office Ink aims to please!

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