I dropped my iPhone water! How do I fix my phone?

i-dropped-my-iphone-water-how-do-i-fix-my-phone Ever had to junk a really expensive phone because you got it wet? Who hasn’t?!! The internet swears a bag of rice will dry wet cell phones, but I know from personal experience that it is a lot of bunk ( rest in peace, 2006 HTC Touch).  A new product at OnTimeSupplies.com promises it is 7X more likely to fix cell phones dropped in water than the hit or miss rice trick.

EVAP Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch by Kensington®The EVAP Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch by Kensington uses a special drying agent to prevent water damage to phones. Since it is way more absorbant than rice, it’s more likely to work. Seven times more likely, in fact. The Kensington’s EVAP Rescue Pouch is also fast. Your phone is ready to use within 24 hours, rather than the days the unreliable rice method takes.

The longer you wait to dry out wet phones, the less likely any method is to work. So keep an EVAP Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch on hand just in case.

Buy EVAP Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch Kensington®

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