Review: Avery Magnet Sheets Make Awesome Refrigerator & Locker Magnets!

I have to admit: when the folks at Avery shared a few of their Box Tops for America eligible office supplies, I was most excited about the Personal Creations Magnet Sheets. Yeah, the tab dividers, label pads and dry erase markers that came along with the magnetic sheets have more practical applications in my day to day work life, but dude! Magnetic paper! I didn’t even know such a thing existed!

Did I mention that this is printer compatible magnetic paper? Yes, indeed. With Avery Magnet Sheets, you can make custom magnets – personalized refrigerator magnets, locker magnets and more. The start of the new school year means it’s locker decorating season, the perfect time for a Smart Office Review.

Avery Magnetic Sheets can be used with any standard inkjet printer. I have an HP Deskjet and got great results. Just be sure to load your sheets magnet side up – learn from my mistake!

So, take to Google’s Image Search to find cool pictures that will make great magnets. I chose a bunch of band and exploitation flick pictures because I’m cool like that.

The possibilities are endless! Personally, I think this little Crimson Mystery magnet looks pretty awesome holding up my favorite Satay recipe. But if you’re a teen decorating your locker, you might be more into Justin Bieber and True Blood magnets. That’s what Twitter’s Trending Topics tell me, anyway!

Avery Magnet Sheets also make great magnetic photo frames. Just download the great templates at, print and cut, and viola! You’ve got a personalized picture frame. Magnetic sheets are also a great way to post important phone numbers, to do lists, soccer practice schedules and more! Again, the possibilities are limitless!

So, Smart Office verdict: Avery Magnet Sheets are a great way to decorate your locker or refrigerator with custom magnets and magnetic picture frames. You can pick up Avery Magnet Sheets at a great price at www.OnTimeSupplies.comSubscribe to Smart Office for more office supplies reviews and craft project!

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