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Miles Young, the CEO of, passes along this account illustrating the difference between his independent office supply store and the big box retailers.

Meet Miles Young, CEO & Owner of OnTimeSupplies.comI was recently contacted by one of our customers who realized that he was paying nearly 20% more on legal office supplies by using the big box stores for his legal supply needs. It is not unusual for us to help customers to save on their legal supplies, but when you look at a side by side comparison on how much cheaper we are over a box store, the savings really add up. I also think that we have better service, faster delivery in 1-2 days, and more product selection than what a big box store can offer. So how do we do it?

When you compare our business models you will quickly understand why we can charge less than a box store. Large box stores have a lot of cost to support corporate advertising, rent on large retail locations, the expense of owning inventory, the cost to support corporate offices, not to mention overseas customer service. Our model is much simpler and sometimes, simpler is just better. Our customer service employees work from home, we ship directly from the source, and leverage technology and best business practices lower our cost of doing business. The people who work for OnTimeSupplies are much happier working from home, having flexible hours, which enables them to better serve our customers. If you would like to read our reviews, to review our Better Business Bureau A+ standing, or simply to call us to find out how we work, we would love to hear from you! We would especially like to help you save money in this tough economy!

Miles Young

See the difference for yourself. Compare our prices on legal office supplies to the competition and see how much you can save.

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