4 Ways to Expand the Office Recycling Program

Going green in the office means more than recycling paper, plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Every office should look beyond the obvious targets when implementing recycling programs. Here a four ways to expand your office’s recycle program in overlooked areas.

  1. Recycle more than paper. Companies like RECYCLEPAK make it easy for offices to recycle batteries and light bulbs. From calculators to cell phones, you can recycle many small office electronics in the same manner as your empty ink and toner toner cartridges-by sending them back to the manufacturers.
  2. Recycle ink and toner cartridges. Many ink and toner manufacturers provide pre-paid shipping labels to make recycling ink and toner cartridges easy. Just return you empty cartridges and let them handle the recycling. If you’re handy with a soldering iron, you can try refilling your toner cartridges yourself. There are many step by step guides floating around online. Just be advised: refilling toner cartridges can be a messy undertaking and carries some risk to your office machines.
  3. Donate or recycle old computers. Don’t throw away old office computers after an upgrade – donate! Do it for the tax write off, PR benifits, and that warm do – gooder glow. The National Cristina Foundation is a great organization to donate to – they match match old office computers with  needy schools. Furthermore, Dell and other computer manufacturers offer free recycling and trade ins. Or you can go old school and donate your old office computers to Goodwill. Of course, Dell and other computer manufacturers offer free computer recycling, as well as trade-in deals. With all the computer recycling and donation programs available to offices, there is no excuse for any office computer to end up in a landfill.
  4. Compost cafeteria food waste. According to the EPA, only  2% of food waste is recycled for composting. Companies that expand their office recycling programs to include food composting significantly reduce their trash removal expense and gain invaluable PR. “In-vessel” composting is the best solution for most office because the food waste is fully contained to eliminate odors and keep away critters. The EPA offers a free guide to commercial food composting on their website.

Expanding the office recycling program is great way to green your office. Sure, you help the environment when you recycle, but you also boost your company’s public image and improve the bottom line! Comprehensive recycling programs are one of the few ways businesses can save money and look good doing it!

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