Article: Everything In Its Place

From the Bend Bulletin comes an article about “Spacial Specialist” Dana Black, who helps clients get their messy lives on track. A particular place of interest for Black? The Home Office. From the article:

Whether you’re using boxes or cabinets that were gathering dust in your garage or buying cheap new plastic tubs, getting organized can help save you money in your home.

“The key is once you’ve set up a system, take the time to show the entire household how to use it,” says Black, who charges $55 per hour for her organizational work. “When I organize a house, I take sticky notes and write what goes in each drawer or cupboard, so the family gets used to it.”

You’ll find that with a clear system of organizational tools, you won’t waste money on buying items you already have stowed elsewhere or buying things that you’ll never use.

Black’s list of go-to gadgets and gear wouldn’t shock anyone (Filing cabinet or drawers with hanging files, drawer organizers, in-box/out-boxes, baskets or desk organizers, plastic storage tubs for extra supplies (also great for your kids’ school supplies), computer program for calendar- and address-book organizing, label-maker), but she puts them together in an innovative way and charges a pretty penny for her services. School yourself on some free tips by reading the article.

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