Tip: use Post-it Notes to clean your keyboard.

Martha Stewart is a genius. I saw this tip at Real Simple and just had to try it out. The results are in: if you don’t have a can of compressed air on hand, you can totally use sticky notes to clean your computer keyboard.

Step 1: Fold up the sticky part of the Post-it Note.

Post-it Note Keyboard Cleaner, Step 1

Step 2: Slide the sticky portion between your keyboard keys.

Post-it Note Keyboard Cleaner, Step 2

Step 3: Get grossed out by all the debris hiding in your keyboard.

Post-it Not Keyboard Cleaner, Step 3

Clearly, I need to stop eating lunch at my desk.

One comment on “Tip: use Post-it Notes to clean your keyboard.”

  • Laser Tek says:

    This is effective and I did felt gross with the dirt stick in my keyboards. Oh I so hate thinking about it. Never thought that my sticky notes can do something other than keeping me on track! 🙂


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