Flu Season Hits Schools Hard

The DailyPress is reporting that with H1N1 still fresh in the public’s mind, it’s falling on school districts to provide cleaning and sanitizing supplies to keep kids healthy. The question is, will they have the funds?

…spending to avoid massive outbreaks of H1N1 influenza comes at a time when state budget cuts are forcing school districts to scrutinize every cent in their budgets. Since districts are just now using supplies they ordered for the first part of the school year, it’s unclear how much they might end up spending by the time it’s over.

As they prepare to schedule H1N1 immunization clinics for students this month, health representatives at local school divisions say they will spend whatever it takes for flu precautions. The shot clinics will be paid for in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Health, but no financial help has become available so far for precautionary supplies.

It’s sad to think that kids might be getting sick because schools can’t afford to provide adequate precautions, but all is not lost. As a parent or even a teacher, you can look into low-cost online outlets that offer personal hand sanitizers and even wall-mounted dispensers, and do your part to help keep everyone healthy.

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