Free Tombow Correction Tape & Other Back to School Supplies!

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Messy cross outs were fine for Beethoven, but messy school work is just not going to fly with your kid’s teacher! Correction fluids do a good job of covering mistakes, but can be almost as messy and unsightly as scratch outs in kid’s hands. Plus, correction fluid can take too long to dry. How many kids have the patience to wait for Wite Out, Liquid Paper and other correction fluids to dry before writing over mistakes? That’s why every student needs Tombow correction tape.  just works better for kids. Tombow correction tape dries instantly, so your kid can quickly and neatly correct errors. Even better, Tombow correction tape comes in break proof cases, so they won’t get destroyed in your kid’s backpack.On Time Supplies knows that correction tapes are essential back to school supplies. That’s why they included a three-pack of Tombow correction tape in the Back to School Giveaway prize package. On Time Supplies is giving away more than $100 in Tombow correction tape and other school supplies. Winning this year’s school supplies from On Time Supplies is easy! All of the contest rules can be found here, but really, all you have to do is follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to Smart Office and let us know you really want to win free school supplies! If you subscribe and comment at Twitter, Facebook and Smart Office, you get three chances to win!

Good luck! The On Time Supplies Back to School Giveaway winner will be announced here August 6th.

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