Stay Organized This School Year with School Organization Supplies Lists & More Organizing Ideas

Having the right school supplies is key to your child’s success, so as a parent, you have to take your time and organize a school supplies list before you go back to school shopping. In fact, I recommend  putting together several school supplies lists, including a list of essential classroom supplies such as pens and pencils, art supplies, locker supplies, and school organization supplies.

Being more organized at home helps your student stay organized at school and fosters academic success. With the right school organization supplies, your child can neatly store homework and graded assignments to keep track of his own grades and performance. On Time Supplies offers great discount school supplies that belong on any school supply list compiled with a more organized school year in mind.

Avery supplies a wide variety of school organization supplies. These cool Avery three ring binders and pocket folders store and organize loose filler paper, assignments and notes. Avery index tab dividers provide even more organization. Use tabbed dividers in 3 ringed binders to organize homework and notes into separate class and semester sections.

Today’s students can easily work on homework and school projects at home, at school and in the library thanks to the rise of USB flash drives. Innovera’s small 2gb memory stick provides ample memory for any student. These small data storage devices are great! With an inexpensive 2gb USP flash drive, your kid can download and transport pictures and research data, and edit and print research papers and projects any where!

When it’s time to hand in research papers and projects, your student will need good  staples and staplers. These Paper Prp mini staplers are super cute, practical and work great as school supplies. They’re sized just right for back packs and feature built in staple removers.

On Time Supplies knows you and your student needs the right school organization supplies to stay organized all year long. That’s why we included Avery three ring binders and tab dividers, Universal pocket presentation folders, Innovera 2gb flash drives and Swingline staplers in our Back to School Giveaway prize package. One lucky parent can skip buying school supplies this year, because on August 6th, we’re giving someone more than $100 dollars in free back to school supplies! Entering the Back to School Giveaway is free, fast and easy! Just follow us on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to Smart Office. Then let us know that you want to win free school supplies this year! Do all three for three chances to win! Good luck!

P.S. If you’ve got more organizing ideas for students, lets here ’em!

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