Use Less Water for the Perfect Glass Of Iced Tea.

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The key to making great iced tea is to steep the tea bags in less water, and for a longer length of time than hot tea. That’s because the ice in iced tea melts and dilutes the brew. This video for Bigelow Tea shows you how to make great iced tea. 

If you are just making one glass of iced tea for yourself, you only need to use enough water to cover the tea bag. Steep the bag for a few minutes longer than hot tea, and pour it over ice. Bonus tip: stick a metal spoon in your glass to absorb the heat and prevent your glass from breaking.

Making a whole pitcher of iced tea? Steep six tea bags in 1 cup of boiling water for ten minutes. Then dilute the brew with 3 cups of cold water.

These tips will yield pretty awesome iced tea, but you can play around with brew times to suit your taste. For example, I usually steep herbal teas for much longer than black to get the most flavor.  Enter our Bigelow Tea Giveaway, and you could get 128 tea bags to experiment with.


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