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Government Purchasers – Time To Stock up on GSA Calendars & Planners!

It’s use it or loose time for government purchasers! Luckily, On Time Supplies stocks everything you need to keep your office or base running smoothly. On Time Supplies caters to government customers, offering deep GSA discounts under GSA contract number GS-14F-0177D. Shopping the On Time Supplies GSA schedule is fast and easy!  Just register as a GSA customer at On Time Supplies and look for the blue GSA logo in the product description. The On Time Supplies GSA Schedule of more than 40,000 office supplies includes the GSA calenders and planners you need to start the 2011 fiscal year!

GSA Calendars

On Time Supplies offers a huge selection of 2011 GSA desk and wall calendars, as well as day calendar refills.

AT-A-GLANCE Yearly Wall Calendar

You get the benefit of the easy AT-A-GLANCE planning in a year long format. The GSA calendar is great for tracking quarterly projects and scheduling vacations. It even looks nice in the office, thanks to the decorative metal strips that also provide stability. Best of all, On Time Supplies knocks 45% off for GSA customers!

AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Desk Pad Calendar

On Time Supplies office the GSA AT-A-GLANCE desk pad calendar at 47% below the listed price. You can also use the GSA desk pad calender perfect for monthly planning and jotting down quick notes.

GSA Planners

On Time Supplies also features a nice collection of GSA appointment planners and books, including school and academic calenders, as well as fiscal year calendars.

AT-A-GLANCE Academic/Fiscal (Jul-Aug) Weekly Planner

GSA customers save 32% at On Time Supplies. The large GSA planner also works as a refill for AT-A-GLANCE PlannerFolio GSA appointment books.

You get the benefit of fast shipping and bulk pricing when you get your GSA calenders, planners and office supplies at On Time Supplies. The real live human customer service team at On Time Supplies is also happy to help. If have any questions about the GSA schedule and GSA pricing, you can call On Time Supplies toll free at 1-866-501-6055.

Is Your Office Supplies Dealer Overcharging You?

As a tax paying citizen and a member of the office products industry, I find it especially hard to stomach allegations that have surfaced recently in regards to government contracts and alleged overcharges.

This article below, written by Jin Kwon, is particularly interesting.

[Pass Through Sales Allegations in California]

There has been information floating around for several weeks about a passthrough office supply company in California by the name of Epylon.  If you don’t know what a passthrough is it is an company that poses as a small business or maybe even a minority owned business that takes orders designated for small/minority business from state and deferal governments earmarked for those businesses and sends those orders over to a larger corporate company such as Office Depot.  In the case of Epylon, a California company, they pose as a small business and when state employees call and place their orders their online system actually send them back to the Office Depot website.

The Mercury News in California has an excellent investigative story that ran on the front page of their April 6, 2008 issue. Reporter Kimberly Kindy has been following the California audit and has done a great job in exposing the overcharges and passthrough issues relating to the Office Depot state contract.  In a prime example of raising the actual M.S.R.P. retail price in order to show on paper and higher discount off list the paper noted “On these items, Office Depot promised to apply a fixed discount rate, but raised the price on which the discount was applied.”  Also as found in the Georgia contract you and I could walk into an Office Depot store and buy many of these contracted items for less than the State of California is paying.  “…the Mercury News went onto the Office Depot retail Web site and found dozens of items, including data storage tapes, toner cartridges and batteries, that were either the same price or cheaper than the special rates stated in the California contract.”

Now we’re seeing charges of “poor performance” coming from many investors and shareholders in Office Depot.  Woodbridge Equity Fund and Levitte Corp. have mailed letters to shareholders calling for the removal of CEO Steve Odland.  In their letter they state “OD’s management and board have had ample time to enact change and deliver improvements in operational and financial performance and have failed to do so. As we have stated before, OD has significantly underperformed its primary competitor, Staples, Inc., in all key retailing metrics. This demonstrates that OD’s performance issues go well beyond the current macroeconomic environment to which OD attributes all of its problems.”  The letter continues “The board’s weak oversight of management has not only allowed the Company to continue to underperform operationally, but also has raised several corporate governance concerns. Recent SEC investigations, multiple earnings restatements and the recent departure of top executives all point to failed oversight and a lack of fiduciary responsibility towards shareholders.” 

They have even began a web site devoted to this at .  I would encourage you to read the supporting links and read the information present and make your own judgement.  Investigations and audits have now been announced in the State of New York regarding the Office Depot contracts and the states of Nebraska and Wisconsin are also looking into their contract performance.  What is your opinion? Do you think this is typical of big business greed or do you think Office Depot is the victim of poor judgement?

The last word:  “In the process of trial and error, our failed attempts are meant to destroy arrogance and provoke humility.”

Article by Jin Kwon, Hill on Sales Contributor