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How-To: Locate Product Numbers For Mead Brand

The other day I found some very helpful information on the Mead brand web site about how to locate product numbers. The product number or SKU number is almost considered like a social security number, meaning it is the product and the key to identifying the correct product. We get calls all the time where customers are looking to match a product or find an existing product that they own and by identifying the actual product number on the product you are guaranteed a perfect match. I really hope that you find this helpful, and if anyone else out there has helpful links please feel free to pass them along.

Locate My Product/Order #

Depending on your product, the product number can be found in one or more locations:

On the product UPC/barcode.

Embossed on the outside back cover, lower right hand corner.

On the reorder reminder found around the months of August, September and October for regular year products and the months of May and June for Academic/Fiscal/Student products.

For Standard Diary products the product number is on the spine.

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