Creative Storage Solutions for Your Office Space


If there’s anything universally true about the office, it’s the fact that it can become a cluttered mess in a hurry. Perhaps you’re dealing with such a situation right now. Everything you want to file or have organized is in disarray. A tornado could strike tomorrow and would be able to do no further damage to your wild system of storage and filing.It may seem that organization is only a matter of tidiness, with no real effect on important business matters, but this is absolutely wrong. Think about, conservatively, how much manpower and time is wasted searching for a particular file or folder or piece of information. Consider then, how much could be done with that wasted time and energy.

If only one other task could be completed during that time, how much more productive would your office be over the course of a week, a month, or a year? The time really adds up, which is why it’s important to find good storage and filing solutions for your office.

Vertical Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinet systems come in one of two ways, primarily speaking. One of these is a vertical filing system, and this is the one with which you’re probably most familiar.

You open the filing cabinet drawer, and all of your files are facing you and run from the front of the drawer to the back. These cabinets usually contain between three and five drawers (though there are extremes on either side), and are typically used to store legal sized documents and letter sized documents alike. Of course, many people get even more creative with these filing systems and put everything from scraps of paper in them to plastic media. This isn’t necessarily advised, however, if you’re looking to create a more organized and clean filing system.

Lateral Filing Cabinets

If you’re looking for more flexibility in your filing system, it might be a good idea to go with a lateral filing cabinet. Rather than store files from front to back, you can organize your files from side to side.

Whereas both a vertical system and a lateral system can hold both letter size and legal size files, a lateral system can organize both well within the same drawer. This in itself gives it an inherent advantage if you have many different styles of files to organize. Lateral drawers are also often much larger than their vertical counterparts, thus giving you more room within each drawer to put files.

Shelf Filing

If you’re looking beyond a filing cabinet, you may want to implement shelf files into your office. This can give the best of both worlds – storage space that’s tight and organized, yet with accessibility that is unrivaled by a closed filing cabinet system.

Open storage files are perfect for those files that need to be accessed and looked at on a daily basis. With such brands as HON delivering quality end tab filing, it should be no problem to implement this system into your current office space. Medical and dental offices are but a couple of the industries which could benefit most from an open shelf filing system.

Creative Solutions

Of course, if you’re looking to get creative without spending a lot of money (or perhaps you just like your office to embrace different ways of doing things), there are plenty of options you can enact towards that end.

Creative solutions could include everything from plastic milk crates to big plastic buckets. Cardboard boxes that have outlived their usefulness in other areas can make for a handy way to store office supplies and files that don’t need accessing on a regular basis.

Then, of course, there is the digital solution. Many offices are turning their paper files over to digital ones in order to clear up office space and put all of their files at the access of their computers.

Whatever your ultimate decision, there is doubtlessly a filing and storage system that’s right for you. It’s just a matter of finding the right choice to meet your specific needs.

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