How to Remove Sharpie® Permanent Marker Stains from anything.

Sharpie Markers are permanent on practically any surface. Usually, that’s what we love about them. But a Sharpie is a disaster waiting to happen in the wrong hands.One frustrated dad developed a pretty effective marker stain remover after his 3-year old daughter got hold of a Sharpie and went wild on the walls. We’ve talked before about toothpaste’s effectiveness at removing dry erase marker stains.Turns out if you add a little baking soda to the mix, you can get rid of stubborn permanent marker stains on almost any substance.Toothpaste and baking soda are both mildly abrasive, so what you’re really doing is gently buffing away the permanent marker stain. It’s safe to use on most surfaces because it’s so mild and won’t lead to discoloration. Sharpie Markers
Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Markers


How to remove ink stains from leather. 5 Ways to Use Your Sharpie®  Marker
Sharpie Permanant Marker Stain Removal Guide: how to remove ink stains from leather.Shari from passes on a mom-tested tip on removing Sharpie marker stains from leather. 5 Ways to Use Your Sharpie® Fine Tip Permanent Marker SAN30001Office Ink shows you 5 new ways to us your Sharpie markers.

Got a tip for getting rid of stubborn stains? Share your tips in the comments. Source: Lifehacker 

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  • As a teacher, I am an avid user of Sharpie markers. I used to use 90% proof rubbing alcohol to remove the marker from my laminated supplies. What a mess and ugly smell, too! I was so excited to see a video on YouTube that solved my problem. If you take a dry erase marker and color over the permanent marker on your laminated items, it will rub right off!! My coworkers didn’t believe it until they saw it!
    Thanks for this great tip that I will pass along as well!


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