Only One State Hasn’t Had a Flu Outbreak. Let’s All Move There.

The latest CDC flu map shows people are sniffling and aching and hacking up lungs all over the United States. But one state has gotten off scott-free this flu season: Hawaii.


They’ve only had “sporadic” flu activity in The Aloha State.  How bitter would you’d be if you were one of the few people to get the flu in a Hawaii? I am pretty I would rage at the cosmic injustice.

Just in case you can’t decamp to Hawaii for a few weeks, here’s how to prevent the flu during the height of the season:

How to stay healthy when everyone else has the flu.

  1. Wash your hands. A lot. And thoroughly dry them with paper towels to make sure you get rid of all the germs.
  2. Use hand sanitizer when you can’t wash. And go with the alcohol based stuff like Purell. “Natural” and alcohol-free formulas aren’t nearly as good at killing germs as traditional sanitizers.
  3. Use disinfecting wipes on your desk, keyboard, mouse and telephone every day. That’s where all the germs live in your office.
  4. Disinfect your smartphone daily too. Otherwise, you are basically carrying the Outbreak monkey around in your pocket.
  5. I would just avoid the office breakroom altogether, to be honest. But if you insist on eating in an area with more germs than a public toilet, bring your wet wipes and use them liberally.

Image: Screengrab of Current United States Flu Activity Map from

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