How to make a presentation binder


You’ve done your homework and are ready to wow at your presentation. But how to make your presentation binder as awesome as you are? The same qualities that make for great presentations make for great presentation binders: make them engaging, informative and sensibly organized. Not sure where to start? We’ve got some great tips on how to put your presentation binder together.  

How to put a presentation binder together in 4 steps.

Use view binders for presentation binders.

View binders make the best presentation binders because you can customize the binder spines and covers. Make sure your view binder is the right size for your presentation. You don’t want to use a bulky 4″ binder if your presentation is only 50 pages. And if your presentation binder is too small, it will be difficult to turn the pages, plus it looks messy. Our 3 ring binder size guide will help you determine how big your presentation binder needs to be.

Universal Index Dividers

Organize presentation binders with index dividers & labels.

Use index dividers to create and label subsections for easy reference. With index dividers and labels, your audience can quickly flip from section to section. Print your headers on both sides of your index labels so users can quickly find information from the front and the back of your presentation binder.

Create a compelling presentation binder cover.

Your presentation binder cover needs to be compelling. Be concise, use attention grabbing words, colors and graphics. Avery offers free, easy to use software and step by step instructions on their website for designing presentation binder covers. Finally, print your presentation binder covers on photo paper or cover stock for a polished, professional look.

Include a summary & table of contents in your presentation binder.

Make it easy for attendees to follow your presentation. Insert a summary or agenda in the front pocket, and include an index page or table of contents.


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