Best Space Heater for the Office.

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It’s going to be a long winter if you spend your days freezing at work. If your office or cubicle is too cold for an office sweater to provide any comfort, get a space heater. We’ve offered some buying tips here at Office Ink before, and there’s a great electric space heater buying guide up at But here is the bottom line for increasing the comfort right at your desk.

Shop the Compact Space Heaters at OnTimeSupplies.comBest Budget Space Heaters.

A fast heating space heater that provides targeted warmth is a great choice for adding comfort on a budget. You can find quality personal space heater starting at $32 at

Check out the energy efficient panel heaters at Overall Value Space Heaters.

Panel Heater fit under your desk, so they don’t take up valuable work space. They are energy efficient, and provide steady, reliable warmth. They start at about $76 at

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