What to bring to the Office Halloween Party: top 5 candy brands of 2012.

I’ve always thought the best part of the office Halloween Party was the Halloween Candy. According to a survey cited by U.S. News and World Reports, I’m not alone:

“While theatrical attire sounds whimsical and fun, food actually trumped costumes among what employees want most at work this Halloween. According to the survey, 70 percent of employees said they would most enjoy a Halloween breakfast/lunch or free candy/treats at work. Whether you’re a front-line receptionist or someone steeped in analysis in a secluded back office, you may consider fetching a bag of Snickers bars…”

Bottom line: no one will care if your last minute Halloween costume is a little less than awe-inspiring if you bring the goodies.

Halloween Candy: top 5 brands of 2012

Snickers: best-selling candy of 20121. Snickers 2. M & M’s 3. Trident Reese's Halloween Candy4. Reese’s Dove Galaxy Halloween Candy
5. Dove/Galaxy

So, bring a bag or two of the most popular candy brands to the office Halloween Party. It’s cheap, you don’t have to bake, and you’ll be giving the people what they want.

sources: U.S. News & World Reports, InvestorPlace.com.

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