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How to Handle Office Politics.

How to Handle Office Politics

As we’ve noted before, office politics are inevitable when you lock a group of people together for eight hours a day. So while the phrase “office politics” may leave a bad taste in your mouth, it’s difficult to advance if you do know how to simultaneously work well with your colleagues and stand out from the pack.  We’ve got a guest post today full of good advice on how to handle office politics from the folks at Official Space.

How to Handle Office Politics: The Business Success Cheat Sheet

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How to find the perfect ergonomic desk chair height.

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Improving the “fit” of your office chair is an easy way to improve the ergonomics of your work place. Generally, advice on finding the perfect ergonomic office chair height involves a lot of talk about inches and angles. A good adjustable office chair prevents discomfort and injury, and improves productivity, but who wants to break out a tape measure and protractor just to sit in your office chair?

No one. that’s why I love this graphic from the American Chiropractic Association illustrating the easiest way to measure the ideal ergonomic desk chair height. Adjust your chair so the seat is level with your knees and you’re done.

How to find the perfect ergonomic desk chair height

Use theses tips to get the full benefit of your ergonomic desk chair.

Source: Apartment Therapy, h/t LifeHacker