New Ways Your Job is Trying to Kill You


We’ve talked at Office Ink  before about how poor ergonomics in the workplace is  bad for your back, your eyes, your reputation and your energy levels. Now, more and more research shows the typical office environments poses other significant health risk to millions of office workers. Yahoo! has helpfully put together a list of all the new ways your job is trying to kill you:

  • Misaligned hips, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and varicose veins: poor workplace ergonomics stress nerves, muscles and bones.
  • Weight gain and diabetes: the chief hazards of getting paid to sit on your duff all day is the sedentary nature of the work. And a stressful work environment further elevates the risk of diabetes. Snacking at your desk doesn’t help either. 

You probably can’t quit your job, real as your fears of varicose veins may be. The best thing you can do to minimize the health risks of a sedentary office job is  is improve the ergonomics of your workplace with properly sized and designed office chairs and desks, take regular breaks to stretch your legs and cut down on snacking at your desk.

Do you have additional tips on beating the health risks of the modern office? We’d love to see them. Leave your advice in the comments of this posts.

Source: Yahoo! 

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