Traveling with kids? 10 reasons to keep Wet Ones Hand Wipes in the car.

Traveling with kids? Don't forget the Wet Ones.

Memorial Day is just around the corner, ready to kick off  the messy kids season. Oops, I mean the summer season! But yeah, kids are messy. And it seems like they get extra messy in the summer. Luckily, there are  moist towelettes for those times you and your family are on the go and you guys can’t wash your hands — and you can’t just dunk the kids in the tub.

We sell a lot of hand wipes at On Time Supplies, but one thing we really love about Wet Ones is something a customer pointed out to us:  Wet Ones canisters are designed to fit in your car’s cup holder, making these the perfect cleaning wipes for car trips with the kids. Wet Ones are also super versatile. Their website lists 99 different messes Wet Ones cleans. I’ve listed my top  ten summer applications below.

Sounds like a job for Wet Ones: 10 reason to take the hand wipes with you this summer:

Shop Wet Ones at On Time Supplies 1. Clean hands from sand after the beach2. After Touching Ketchup and Mustard Bottles3. On the Boat after Catching a Fish

4. After Catching Lightning Bugs 

5. After drippy, sticky ice cream

6. After the carnival or amusement park.

7. After Volleyball.

8. After you let your kid pump the gas.

9. During birthday parties 

10. After trips the to the park.

Review of the Day: Spotlight on C-Line Binder Label Holders


We get a ton of reviews at On Time Supplies, and we read every one of them. We love to hear what you think, especially your thoughts on some of our hard to find office supplies. Have you ever had the darnedest time finding a product you think would be everywhere? That’s what happened to Jerry. He knew he needed something to help him organize the 3 ring binders on his office bookshelves. He just wasn’t sure what he needed or where to get it. So for Jerry, C-Line® Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders and On Time Supplies were like gifts from above  — or at least gifts from Google.

I finally organized my bookcases with C-Line® Binder Label Holders!

C-Line® Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders I am reorganizing my office bookcases into a complete filing center, and was unable to find supplies that I needed in local office supply stores, even the large chain stores like Staples. This difficulty was delaying my projects until I located the On Time Supplies site on the Internet. Since then, I’ve become a regular and frequent customer because of the availability, price, and quick service that your company always has to offer. You never fail to have exactly what I need whenever I shop with you. I consider it a lucky find that I located your site when I searched the Internet, and now I don’t need to waste time to get quality office supplies.

– Jerry from Concord, NC

Try C-Line® Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders and tell us what you think!

The best part about Jerry’s review — besides the part about On Time Supplies totally kicking the Staples’ butt — is that it reminded me to straighten up my own bookcases.

Love it: Melitta® One:One™ Coffeemaker Review


One of the bests parts of my job is reading all the awesome customer reviews we get. The high that comes from  reading endless variations “OMG, you guys are the best”  can’t be beat. Plus, we get a lot of really informative reviews too — reviews we know help our customers as they shop. Like this really great review we got on the Melitta® One:One™ Coffeemaker. I didn’t think I needed a single cup coffee maker, but Alyssa in Chicago has me intrigued. Continue reading

Product Review of the Day — Spotlight on Pendaflex Hanging File Tabs

We love to hear what you think of our office products and service at On Time Supplies. Sometimes we get a review so great that we have to share it and brag on ourselves and our great brands! We got a great review on Pendaflex® Transparent Colored Tabs for Hanging File Folders just the other day. If it’s time for you to re-order file tabs, one of our customer thinks you should give Pendaflex File Tabs a try.

I LOVE Pendaflex Hanging File Tabs!

Pendaflex® Transparent Colored Tabs For Hanging File Folders These file folder tabs are the best of this size and design that I’ve used. The slots at the top for inserting the plastic holders for labels are excellent; they’re not too tight, like most brands, and allow the insertion of the plastic labels without tearing the paper around the slot. This applies whether you use the small 1/5 cut labels or, like I, the longer 3 1/2-inch plastic holders for the 1/3 cut labels. Not only is this a good product, but it certainly worth mentioning that is itself an exceptional company, based on my many years of experience with businesses, both online and ‘brick-n-morter’. The service has been excellent, efficient, and faster than you would expect; great communication, too. You won’t be disappointed!!!

Try Pendaflex® Transparent Colored Tabs For Hanging File Folders today.

FREE Office Supplies for Product Testers

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Signed up to become a Product Tester for Your free office supplies should be arriving shortly. Once you try out the products, you can post your review here.

Thanks to every one who signed up! We can’t wait to hear what you think. And there’s still time sign up for the next batch of free office supplies. Just head on over to our Facebook page to sign up to be a product tester.

Paper Mate Flair Pen Named “Best Classic” by Real Simple Magazine.

No one has a better eye for timeless design and performance than the folk’s at Real Simple Magazine. They’ve named the Paper Mate Flair the “Best Classic” Pen. If it’s good enough for Martha Stewart, it’s good enough for us all!
Buy the Paper Mate Flair Pen, named "Best Classic" by Real Simple Magazine.
“With its soft tip, the pen relates to paper almost like a tiny brush and needs only a light hand,” the magazine notes. Paper Mate has barely changed the design since the pen’s 1960s debut. Why mess with perfection?

You can pick up the Paper Mate Flair Pens for a bargain price at

A Pink Ribbon Car for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Breast Cancer Awareness 2012 Fiat

Fiat North America is rolling out a special 500 Pink Ribbon edition this October  for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Fiat will make a $1000 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for each car sold. The car maker has committed to a minimum donation of $50,000 donation, a goal it should easily exceed as it’s making 250 of the Pink Ribbon 500s.

You don’t have to buy a new car help fund breast cancer awareness and research. Most of your favorite brands have special Pink Ribbon Merchandise for sale, including the top office supply brands. So,  Just shop smart for the things you need to get through your workday. Throughout the month of October, we’ll feature some cool office supplies that help fund a variety great breast cancer organizations. First up is the new lineup of Pink Ribbon 2012 calendars and planners.  Take a look at the new Pink Ribbon calendars from AT A GLANCE, Day-Timer, House of Doolittle and other top brands.

Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month
with new Pink Ribbon Calendars and Planners.

Check out all the pink ribbon merchandise for sale at You’ll get a great deal, and your purchase will support some great breast cancer organizations, including City of Hope and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Not sure what kind of calendar you need? Check out this post for tips on choosing the best calendars & planners.

Plus, don’t forget about the Pink Ribbon Merchandise Giveaway. makes a donation to Living Beyond Breast Cancer for every valid contest entry. And you get a chance to win some cool office supplies.

Office Ink Review – Avery NoteTabs Put To The Test

I took another dip into my big box of Avery Box Tops goodies. Avery Box Tops office supplies come with coupons you can collect to raise money for your kids’ school. This weekend, I took Avery’s NoteTabs out for a spin to bring you this Office Ink Review.

Avery bills NoteTabs as “notes, tabs and flags in one” – as useful an innovation as I’ve every heard. I’m sure you guys will want to use Avery NoteTabs on lots of very important documents, text books and planners. I just tested mine out on magazines to highlight the fall looks that I’m going to look great in and cute haircuts. I usually have to rip out a magazine pages that have information or pictures I want to save. Thanks to Avery NoteTabs, my W magazines stay intact, just the way Conde Nast intended! That officially earns Avery NoteTabs a “thumbs up” from Office Ink.

Avery NoteTabs are a significant upgrade from you standard flimsy page flags. They’re pretty sturdy, so you can grab a tab and turn right to your indexed page. Plus, they provide a nicely sized, see-through writing surface, so you can highlight text on a page and jot yourself a note. Best of all, they are completely removable and repositional. You can use Avery NoteTabs over and over again. You don’t have to deface your reference books and important documents anymore with highlighters, hard to remove page flags, or by writing notes directly on the page.

Review: Avery Magnet Sheets Make Awesome Refrigerator & Locker Magnets!

I have to admit: when the folks at Avery shared a few of their Box Tops for America eligible office supplies, I was most excited about the Personal Creations Magnet Sheets. Yeah, the tab dividers, label pads and dry erase markers that came along with the magnetic sheets have more practical applications in my day to day work life, but dude! Magnetic paper! I didn’t even know such a thing existed! Continue reading

Stay Organized This School Year with School Organization Supplies Lists & More Organizing Ideas

Having the right school supplies is key to your child’s success, so as a parent, you have to take your time and organize a school supplies list before you go back to school shopping. In fact, I recommend  putting together several school supplies lists, including a list of essential classroom supplies such as pens and pencils, art supplies, locker supplies, and school organization supplies. Continue reading