Still Time to Enter to Win $200 Shopping Spree!

You can still review office supplies at On Time Supplies for your chance to win a $200 shopping spree! The Product Review Contest runs for a couple days yet, so head on over to and tell them what you think of a few office supplies. You just might find yourself two hundred dollars richer for your trouble. Before you start, check out the rules and get a few tips to writing great reviews at Product Review Contest page.

Here at Smart Office, I’m more interested in the $200 prize here! I’m not allowed to enter the contest – darn those conflict of interest rules! – but that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming! I’ve  been thinking about what I would buy for my office if I had an extra $200 to spend. The way I see it, the winner of the Product Review Contest has two options:

  1. Stock up on basic supplies – untold reams printer paper, staples enough to last until judgment day, 1,000 pens
  2. Finally get or upgrade office equipment or office furniture.

I’m the kind of girl who would rather go with option two and use the Product Review Contest as an opportunity to splurge. No chance of that, so I’ll indulge myself the only way as can – list making! Who doesn’t love a nice list? So, without further ado:

Top 3 Pieces of Office Furniture and Equipment I’d Buy if I won the Product Review Contest at On Time Supplies

  1. All in One Printer – My office is a corner in my living room, so space is at a premium. That’s why I’ve been dying for a wireless all in one printer. This energy-efficient HP Officejet Wireless All-in-One Printer copies, scans and faxes, freeing up valuable space in small offices and eliminating messy cords. It also quickly and beautifully handles all manner of common office printing tasks. I could use the HP Officejet all in one printer to create richly-colored brochures and flyers, and for my every-day document printing. But I think the best thing about this wireless all in one is the price! At under $150, I can snag the HP Officejet all in one, stock up on the printer paper I’ll need, and still have enough of my Product Review Contest money left over to pick up a pen or two!
  2. Desk Organizer – It would be nice if the files and office supplies I use the most were neatly stored close at hand. On Time Supplies stocks desktop organizers in a every price range and style, but since I’m using my imaginary Product Review Contest winnings, I can spring for a nice wood desk organizer. These sleek, compact Safco desktop organizers come in Mahogany and Oak, and would add three new desk shelves, two letter trays and a supply drawer to my workstation. I could even use the desk organizer to conceal my computer cords, thanks to the cable cut outs.
  3. Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair – Now, technically, I don’t need a new office chair. I would just like one. The HON Alaris Office Chair is so cute! It’s also fully adjustable and provides great lower back support. HON office chairs come in other colors besides the “wild rose” that I fancy, so it can bring style and comfort to any office. This is the chair I would get if I won the On Time Supplies Product Review Contest.

So if you won the $200 shopping spree at On Time Supplies, what would you buy? Would you stock up on everyday supplies or make one big purchase. Share your dream prize in the comments! And tune in to Smart Office this Friday to find out if you won the Product Review Contest at On Time Supplies!

4 comments on “Still Time to Enter to Win $200 Shopping Spree!

  • I would buy one large item at one time; we need a computer or even a laptop and a printer for our home so that our kids can log on and be kept up to date on their homework and I would spend the $$ on just that.

    • Sounds like you and Julie are right there with on the best way to spend that money! On Time Supplies has a ton of discount printers to choose from, so $200 is plenty to get a great printer and a few reams of printer paper!

  • Julie Cutshaw says:

    I’d buy one big purchase with the great giveaway maybe a new printer that be sweet! thanks ontimesupplies for the chance!
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  • Mary Rodowicz says:

    Ty for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!! First I would definetly have to buy the “Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair ” The HON Alaris Office Chair is so colrful & sheek!! It’s also fully adjustable and provides great lower back support wich after a few car accidents I definetly could use…although HON office chairs come in other colors besides the “wild rose” that is soo my faorite color!! This is the chair I would definetly get if I won the On Time Supplies Product Review Contest!! @alongcamemary1


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