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How to Choose the Best Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products


With all the environmentally friendly cleaning products available today, it can be hard to choose the best supplies. Office Ink helps you wade through the marketing to find the best green cleaning supplies.

Green Seal Certified Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

Green Seal evaluates the entire manufacturing process, not just the end product. The organization even visits manufacturing plants, so you can be sure that you are getting a truly ethical product.

EPA Design for the Environment Certified Cleaning Products

The EPA’s DfE Seal is also a reliable method of determining a products eco-friendliness. Like Green Seal, the EPA evaluates the entire manufacturing process and the end product. You can trust that cleaning supplies bearing the DfE label are safe, effective and environmentally friendly.

VOC Certified Cleaning Products

You’ll also want to look for VOC certified products when you shop for environmentally-friendly cleaning products. VOCs are volatile organic compounds, harmful chemical gasses released by many common cleaners. VOC certified products don’t contain harmful air pollutants.

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“Going Green” in the Office

We’ve all heard the “Going Green” initiative, especially when it comes to buying consumer products.  Well at my college of choice (Georgia Tech!) a lot of new construction is going on that also follows these eco-friendly standards.

Our new College of Computing building, the Klaus building, is a giant LEED certified “sustainable” building that has turned heads in the industry.

In an effort to produce more environmentally sound goods, many companies are going “green,” or making new products that use more renewable and recycled resources and less raw materials.

Well, if you run a company and are looking to jump on the “green” bandwagon, there are products out there that you can use to further your office efficiency in a more environmentally palatable manner. Many of these products are more economical as well, resulting in lower costs and more efficient use in your office.

For example, Quality Park Products has introduced their Park Preserve, line of products:
“Providing a sustainable product line featuring shipping containers that become reusable and highly desirable letter size File Boxes for business or home use.”

What company’s office, or someone’s home office, doesn’t need file boxes for one reason or another?  I can’t certainly think of one, and filing my documents in my room amidst all of the college clutter is essential to me being organized and avoiding any party spills damaging important homework assignments, old quizzes, or notes from class.

For easy file storage and organization, and to seek to make the products you use more environment-friendly, try out these “Park Preserve” products. They are all made out of recycled envelopes, reducing the amount of new paper/cardboard goods that need to be produced from raw materials.

Well, I have to move on to more of the usual, but I hope these tips help!

– Langley Perry Jr.
Georgia Tech