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6 Organizing Tips Using Universal Classification Folders UNV10301


What is more frustrating then trying to hunt down a stray form or document in a massive filing system? Luckily, this common problem has a simple solution — keep related documents in one place. Unversal® Bright Colored Pressboard Classification Folders UNV10301, you can sort and store related documents and paperwork in one folder. That way, your paperwork is easy to organize and easy to find. Office Ink shows you how to use one classification folder — instead of a ton of regular file folders — to plan an event, track household expenses, organize business financials, sort project documents and more. Continue reading

4 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy at Work.


Be honest. Is it harder to resist the lure of Facebook in the afternoon? You know — that 3 o’clock hour, when quitting time seems so close, yet so far away. Well, you’re not alone. We get most of our visits to the  On Time Supplies Facebook page after lunch. And Fast Company shared a poll that found most people mentally check out of work at 2:55 p.m.:

The respondents said that 2:55 p.m. was the low point of the day’s output: Most folks said they were either checking social media or planning for their evening.

Of course, “but boss, everybody’s lazy in the afternoon” is going to fly if you get caught zoning out on the job. Try these productivity tips before you end up on everyone’s you-know-what list.

4 Natural Energy Boosts You Can Do at Work.

  1. Have a proper lunch: get away from your desk and give yourself a proper break, instead of scarfing down a sandwich in front of your computer. Taking the time to naturally boost  your physical and mental energy with real food and a real break is essential to preventing burnout.
  2. Carve out a little nap time: they don’t call it the power nap for nothing. Study after study shows that a 20 minute nap will help you stay sharp and alert through your work day. 
  3. Take mini breaks: instead of slogging through hours and hours of work only to crash in the afternoon, break your day into 90 minute chunks, and reward yourself with mini breaks.
  4. Get up and move: those mini-breaks are the perfect opportunity to get up, stretch your legs and get the blood flowing. Most experts don’t recommend sitting for more than two hours a stretch anyway. Revive your flagging energy levels and minimize the health risks associated with sedentary job with a quick walk around the office or up and down the stairs.

How do you stay alert, focused and productive after lunch? Share your energy boosting advice in the comments.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Fast Company

How to Arrange Office Furniture


Not sure which types of office layouts maximize space without impeding  your ability to get around your office? Office Ink shows you how to arrange office furniture in such a way that allows for:

  • plenty of room to maneuver;
  • easy access to  files, reference materials, supplies and peripherals;
  • adequate surface space so you can work comfortably.

Our wheelchair accessibility guide provides good guidelines on the amount of clearance, or space between walls and obstructions, needed to move comfortably around your office.  Keep those clearance space requirements in mind when choosing an office desk layout.

Types of Office Layouts

While the possibilities for arranging office furniture are as limitless as your imagination, there are some time tested office space layouts that work well in a variety of office environments and sizes:

  • U-Shaped Office Layout
  • L-Shaped Office Layout
  • Open Office Layout

How to create a U-shaped office space layout plan.

U Shape Desk Plan U-Shaped office layouts are created connecting two office desks, two credenzas or a desk and a credenza with an office desk bridge.

U-shaped office layouts offer:

– increased privacy for workers.
– abundant surface and storage space.

How to create an L-shaped office space layout plan.

L Shape Desk Plan Create an L-shaped office space layout by connecting one desk or credenza with a return, or simply with and L-shaped desk.

L-shape office layouts:

– maximize floor space by fitting neatly in corners
– are the most economical type of office layout, requiring fewer and less expensive office furniture pieces than other configurations.

How to create an open space layout plan.

Open Desk Plan Create with two desks, two credenzas, or a desk and credenza.

Open office layouts:

– are perfect for executive offices
– offer abundant storage space for frequently referenced files and reference materials.

You can find more information on office desk sizes and styles at On Time Supplies.

Got some advice on how to arrange office furniture without sacrificing space and maneuverability? Leave your tips in the comments.

Best Step Stools for Kids, Home & Office


Tired of wobbling on a chair every time you need to reach a high shelf or chance a light bulb? Office Ink blog is here to help you buy a step stool. Quick tips first:

  • One-step stools are good for simple stuff, like boosting kids up to the sink, or reaching the top shelf of your bookcase.
  • Folding step stools are easy to stow away when not in use.
  • Fiberglass step stools are best for electrical work because, unlike steel and aluminum step stools, they don’t conduct electricity.

Check out our picks for the best step stools for kids, home and the office.

Best Step Stools for Kids: Cramer® task* it™ Scooter™ Pod

Cramer® task* it™ Scooter™ Pod

The Cramer® task* it™ Scooter™ Pod is perfect for providing a little boost to the sink or counter. Plus, the  top comes off to reveal a handy storage space for tissue, cleaners and other bathroom supplies.

Best Step Stools for Home: Cosco® Three-Step Big Step Folding Step Stool

The Cosco® Three-Step Big Step Folding Step Stool is light to tote to where ever you need it, and versatile enough to handle everything from painting projects to changing a light bulb. The platform is handy for tools such as paint trays, hammers and more.

Cosco® Three-Step Big Step Folding Step Stool

Cramer® Original “Kik-Step” Stool

Best Step Stools for the Office: Cramer® Original “Kik-Step” Stool

The classic Cramer® Original “Kik-Step” Stool is sized just right for reaching that high file shelf. The wheeled base makes them easy to slide along a shelf or around a room.

Find out more information, like how tall are step stools, at On Time Step Stools at On Time Supplies    

Innovera Print Cartridge Giveaway

Update: Congratulations Elis B on winning a free toner cartridge for your HP LaserJet 3050 Printer! The OEM HP Toner usually runs about $70. The  HP-compatible Innovera Toner is only $37 at!  Check out the Ink and Toner Finder at On Time Supplies to see how much you can save with compatible Innovera Print Cartridges.

Of course, Elis B won’t pay one red cent for their laser toner cartridge! Congratulations again on the win, and thanks to everyone else who participated in the Innovera Print Cartridge Giveaway.innovera-ink-toner-cartridge-giveawayWin free printer ink or toner in the new Innovera Printer Giveaway. This week, we’re giving one winner their choice of:

Innovera recycled toner and inkjet cartridges perform beautifully in a office printers and copy machines from the most popular brands, including:

  • Brother  
  • Canon 
  • Dell 
  • Epson 
  • HP 
  • IBM 
  • Lexmark 
  • Pitney 
  • Samsung 
  • Troy 

With Innovera print cartridges, you get get the print quality of name-brand ink and toners  at a fraction of the price. Enter the Innovera Print Cartridge Giveaway today for your chance to try Innovera ink and toner in your office printer.*

How to Enter the Innovera Print Cartridge Giveaway:

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  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us your printer or copy machine make and model!

You can improve your chances of winning the Innovera Print Cartridge Giveaway by entering on. The Giveaway ends next Tuesday, September 24. We’ll announce the winner here at the Office Ink  Blog that Wednesday, September 25. Good luck!

*Fine print: Subject to availability. The Innovera Print Cartridge Giveaway winner will receive either (one) Innovera Inkjet Printer Cartridge or (one) Innovera Toner Cartridge with a retail value at of $100 or less.

Decorate your cubicle to keep from burning out at work.


Feel tired just thinking about going to work in your cubicle?  New research  from the University of Michigan suggests that it’s not just you. They found that the complete lack of privacy associated with working in the modern cubicle farm leads to feeling of emotional exhaustion and burnout.

Luckily, the same researchers found a simple fix — decorating your office cubicle:

Individuals may consciously or subconsciously take comfort from the items with which they surround themselves at work, and these items may help employees to maintain emotional energy in the face of the stresses that come from their work.

It’s kind of sweet when you think about it. A picture of your family on your desk provides the emotional fortification you need to get through the stresses of the day. Plus, adding a few personal touches helps you take ownership of your work area. The lack of privacy is easier to bear when the place feels like your own.

Need a little inspiration for decorating your office cubicle? The book Cubicle Chic provides a wealth of inspirations, as does Pinterest. I have to admit though, most of the ideas seem a little…ambitious. Besides, will your boss really let you turn your cubicle into a Tiki Bar? Luckily, the Michigan team suggests that it won’t take much to reap the mental health benefits of a personalized office cubicle. Try adding a poster, a pretty calendar and framed photos. Maybe an office plant.

Got an awesome cubicle or work space? Share your pictures on the On Time Supplies Facebook page and inspire us all!

Sources: Pacific Standard Magazine, Wired

How to remove water stains & more from leather office chairs


One of the [many] cool things about leather chairs is that they are naturally stain resistant. Most of time, you can simply wipe off spills and stains. However, getting rid of a stubborn stain, such as an ink or water stain, without marring the leather can be tricky. Office Ink shows you 9 ways to clean a leather office chair.

9 Ways to Clean Leather Office Chairs

Apply these cleansers to a soft microfiber cloth, not the chair itself. The goal is to treat the stain with as little moisture as possible.

  1. Wood Furniture Polish, such as classic Lemon Pledge
  2. 1 part lemon juice, 1 part cream of tartar
  3. 1 part water, 1 part white vinegar
  4. alcohol- and ammonia-free wipes, such as Endust® Screen Cleaning Wipes
  5. Mayo
  6. Suntan Oil (that one is Office Ink tested!)
  7. Baby Soap
  8. Facial Wash
  9. Rubbing alcohol (a little on a cotton ball, and only after all else fails!)

Vacuum or thoroughly dust your leather office chair before you try any of these methods. You want your chair dust free before you start to eliminate the risk of scratches. In fact, you should wave the old hose attachment over your leather office chair regularly to remove the dust and debris that dulls and scratches leather finishes.

Sources: How to Clean Stuff, Martha Stewart, DIY Network, WikiHow


Avery Signs / Sharpie Markers Giveaway

Update: We have a winner! Congratulations Jennie! Looks like you plan to put your Avery Signs and Sharpie Markers to good use:

I want to win because I have a split-level classroom – Kindergarten and 3rd grade together – and could benefit so much from additional signage, especially with my centers/stations which change weekly and need to be updated regularly so that students know what they are expected to do.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Avery / Sharpie Giveawawy. We’ve got another great giveaway going on right now. Enter today for your chance to win free printer ink and toner.


Time for another great giveaway from and the Office Ink Blog! This week we’re giving away everything you need to make custom signs and more for your classroom or business. Enter now for your chance to win:

  • Avery® Removable Window and Wall Signs: whether you run them through your inkjet print or hand-letter, Avery signs are the choice for creating custom wall and window signs. Best of all, Avery removable signs leave no sticky residue  when it’s time to take them down.
  • Gold Sharpie® Metallic Permanent Markers: the fun choice for labeling, customizing and decorating everything from your wall signs to greeting cards to storage bins.

How to Enter the Avery Signs / Sharpie Markers Giveaway:

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You can pick up extra entries for the Avery / Sharpie Giveaway by entering on on Facebook, Twitter AND the blog.  Good luck! The Avery / Sharpie Giveaway ends next Tuesday, September 17. We’ll announce the winner here at the Office Ink  Blog Wednesday, September 18.

My Account: the faster way to order office supplies.


Your Time Matters.” We say that at and we mean it. That’s why we’ve upgraded My Account to save you time when you order office supplies. It’s easier than ever to find exactly what you need, thanks to a few new My Account features.


Return office supplies fast — with no time wasted on the phone.

Now you can make your returns online from My Account, and skip the hassle of calling us or hunting around for return instructions.

Only get the emails your want from On Time Supplies.

We know you love On Time Supplies, but maybe you don’t want to get a million emails from us every time you place an order. No problem. We don’t want to flood your inbox anymore than you want to wade through spam. You can tell us exactly when you want to hear from On Time Supplies right from My Account.

Create and share office supply shopping lists.

With the new My Account system, you can create shopping lists, so you don’t forget anything when it’s time to place your order. You can add and remove office supplies from your list whenever you need to. And if you need to run your office supply orders past a purchase manager first, you can quickly share your shopping list with anyone who needs to see it.

Quickly view and re-order past office supply purchases.

We know that many of your office supply needs don’t change. You need the same toner and labels and coffee today that you need in March. So we’ve made it easier and faster than ever to restock your office supply cabinet. And we’ve given you a few ways to set up your order.

Instead of searching for items one by one on the whole site, you can shop your favorite products and categories. Or you can check out your past orders and re-order them in whole or in part. Whichever works best for you, our flexible reordering options ensure you don’t spend one extra minute of your day shopping for office supplies.


Login into My Account and check out the convenient new features today. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 866-501-6055.

Paper Towels: still better than air dryers.


We’ve talked before about the health benefits of drying your hands with paper towels vs. air dryers. The friction from rubbing your hands with paper towels is essential to removing illness-causing germs. Now Kimberly Clark Professional provides some eye-popping numbers.

Turns out, air dryers aren’t just less efficient at removing germs, they actually increase the amount left on your hands. That’s right, after you’ve gone through the trouble of properly washing your hands — humming two verses of Happy Birthday and everything– air dryers turn right around and blow a bunch of germs on your hands.  Air dryers increased the number of germs on user hands by up to 194%. Furthermore, unlike paper towel dispensers, air dryers are covered with bacteria. So you’re doomed germy hands the moment you touch one.

Beyond all that, it just takes longer to dry your hands with an air dryers than a paper towel. Info that provides us the opportunity to re-post the best TED Talk ever: