Still Time to Enter to Win $200 Shopping Spree!

You can still review office supplies at On Time Supplies for your chance to win a $200 shopping spree! The Product Review Contest runs for a couple days yet, so head on over to and tell them what you think of a few office supplies. You just might find yourself two hundred dollars richer for your trouble. Before you start, check out the rules and get a few tips to writing great reviews at Product Review Contest page.

Here at Smart Office, I’m more interested in the $200 prize here! I’m not allowed to enter the contest – darn those conflict of interest rules! – but that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming! I’ve  been thinking about what I would buy for my office if I had an extra $200 to spend. The way I see it, the winner of the Product Review Contest has two options:

  1. Stock up on basic supplies – untold reams printer paper, staples enough to last until judgment day, 1,000 pens
  2. Finally get or upgrade office equipment or office furniture.

I’m the kind of girl who would rather go with option two and use the Product Review Contest as an opportunity to splurge. No chance of that, so I’ll indulge myself the only way as can – list making! Who doesn’t love a nice list? So, without further ado:

Top 3 Pieces of Office Furniture and Equipment I’d Buy if I won the Product Review Contest at On Time Supplies Continue reading

Win a Free Targus Laptop Bag!

On Time Supplies is giving away a free  Targus CityLite Laptop Bag this month! Targus laptop cases are  lightweight so they’re easy to carry, padded so your notebook stays safe in transit, and big enough to tote everything you need to get through your day! The Targus case features and expandable file section for school work or important business documents, as well as plenty of space for pens, CDs, your iPod and other essential supplies. Plus,  you can attach the Targus bag to your rolling travel case with the handy luggage strap! Continue reading

Cool Crayola Coloring Techniques & Free Crayola Crayons, Markers & Colored Pencils

Summer has its share of rainy days just like every other season, as well as days when it’s just too darn hot to leave the comfort of an air conditioned room. Just ask the folks in New York trying not to melt in that heatwave. When it’s too hot or too wet for your kids to do anything but stay inside and color, Crayola’s got you covered. Continue reading

Mead School Supplies Never Go Out of Style!

When I saw this old school Mead Trapper Keeper ad, I immediately flashed back to my own school days. Well, immediately after laughing at those ’80s hairstyles. While I was always sad to see the summer end and return to school, I still enjoyed the back to school shopping. Back in the day, the best part of school shopping was stocking up on all things Lisa Frank — binders, note books and stickers too.

Every kid needs a good supply of Mead products at the start of the new school year. That’s why On Time Supplies giving away Mead note books and filler paper as part the Back To School Give-away! They’re not be emblazoned with day-glo unicorns, for which your children will thank you! Kids today just don’t appreciate the retina-burning neon like we did in the old days!

To get your chance to win a school year’s supply of Mead note books, loose leaf paper and other essential school supplies, all you have to do is subscribe to Smart Office and drop us a comment here telling us you really want them!