Veterans Day Win/Win: get a 2016 calendar + honor wounded vets!

Shop AT-A-GLANCE Wounded Warrior Project Calendars & Planners

Happy Veterans Day from On Time Supplies! This year, we are proud to feature Weekend Warrior Project Calendars and Planners by At-A-Glance!

The manufacturer of At-A-Glance® calendars and planners has donated over $225,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project. This charity and veterans services organization supports wounded service members. Each calendar and planner in the Wounded Warrior Project features stories of wounded service members and their families. Plus, all the calendars and planners are all made in the USA!

This is the time of year when everyone needs a new calendar. Why not honor wounded service members while you get ready for 2016! 

AAGSKW2400 - Wounded Warrior Project Desk Pad, 22 x 17, 2016

Wounded Warrior Project Desk Pad, 2016

AAG70951W45 - Wounded Warrior Project Weekly/Monthly Appointment Book, 6 7/8 x 8, Gray, 2016

Wounded Warrior Project Weekly / Monthly Appointment Planner, 2016

AAGPMW228 - Wounded Warrior Project Monthly Wall Calendar, 12 x 17, 2016

Wounded Warrior Project Monthly Wall Calendar, 2016

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You can check out all the AT-A-GLANCE Wounded Warrior Project Calendars and Planners here.

Kids Are Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer

Kids Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer
More kids are getting dangerously drunk on hand sanitizer, according to according to the Georgia Poison Center in a report at

“Kids are getting into these products more frequently, and unfortunately, there’s a percentage of them going to the emergency room,” said Dr. Gaylord Lopez, the center’s director.

The amount of alcohol in hand sanitizer ranges from 45% to 95%. Ingesting even small amounts — as little as two or three squirts in some cases — can cause alcohol poisoning. By comparison, wine and beer contain about 12% and 5% alcohol…

…3,266 hand sanitizer cases related to young children were reported to poison control centers in 2010. In 2014, the number increased to 16,117 cases.

In many cases, the hand sanitizer is ingested by young children who are unaware of the intoxicating effects. But some kids are also drinking the stuff on purpose, looking to get drunk. In either case, Lopez recommends storing hand sanitizer out of the reach of children and monitoring the use. You can also switch to an alcohol-free hand product, such as Kleenex® Alcohol-Free Foam Hand Sanitizer.

Of course, the best way to kill germs on hands is to wash them with plain soap and water. That’s because hand washing kills viruses as well as bacteria, including cold & flu viruses. Save the sanitizer for when you aren’t anywhere near a sink.

2015 Back to School Giveaway Winner

Find out who won the Back to School Giveaway

The 2015 Back to School Giveaway is closed. Big thanks to all the school and office supply brands who dug deep when donating to make $2,100 prize package the biggest ever at On Time Supplies:

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Win Germ & Odor Fighters by Dial, Kleenex & Renuzit!

Win Kleenex and Dial Hand Soaps and Sanitizers

If you haven’t entered our massive school supplies giveaway yet, you might want to get on it! We’re only accepting entries through Friday night — 11:59 pm CST, to be precise. Don’t miss your chance to win more than $2,100 in free classroom supplies!

We put together the $2,100 prize package with teachers in mind. That’s why we’re especially pleased to offer these Dial and Kleenex hand soaps and sanitizers. We love kids, but lets face it — they are basically walking, talking cold and flu vectors. These will help everyone in your class avoid the sniffles:

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Win a FREE HSM Paper Shredder & Guillotine Cutter!

Win a HSM Paper Shredder and Guillotine Cutter!

We are entering the home stretch of the 2015 Back to school Giveaway! With only five days left to enter, you don’t want to miss your chance more than $2,100 in free school supplies!

The prize package is full of classroom essentials, but I think teachers will especially love the contributions from HSM of America: a new Multishred Paper Shredder and Cutline Guillotine Trimmer Board.

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